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We are the payment gateway that helps you to manage your payments your way

We make it possible to pay for products and services on an versatile, secure, scalable and omnichannel basis..

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The ultimate API for all kind of payments

With us you can send payments to any user, through any media, at any moment, without additional software.

API Documentation

1. Generate a payment order


Easy and fast technical integration, to reduce the time to production and avoid costly initial investments.

MoTo Payment

Use our MoTO app, oriented to call centres and collection services teams, to generate payment orders without complex integrations.

We are multiacquirers

We are independent for you to be too. But yet we are registered in the MasterCard and Visa network to be able to operate with any financial institution.

2. Store a payment card

Secure payment form

URL and customizable form to adapt to your brand image. No registration or additional software download required. We turn the mobile into a payment tool.

Multiple payment cards

We accept credit, debit and prepaid cards from Visa, Maestro and MasterCard


Looking for a PCI-DSS compliance solution? Chill out! We comply with the security regulations of the sector for storage and tokenization of payment cards.

3. Reuse a payment method

Card vault

Build and exploit your own PCI-DSS environment. Without large investments, without expensive maintenance. Store, tokenize and reuse your consumers’ means of payment according to your needs.


Reuse a payment method and generate new orders for your consumers. Easy, simple and safe.

4. Manage all your payments

Reference payment

Integrate and exploit all the possibilities of our API-REST. Build the payment logic that your business needs, from your own ERP / CRM.

Status control

Configure the expiration period of a payment order, check its status, make total or partial refunds…

User panel

To control your payment orders, transaction history, activity dashboard, developer zone and technical support.

Create payments in a versatile, fast, simple and secure way


Send payments using our PayLink technology, a secure URL with a unique payment identifier.


Through our optimized payment form for a unique payment experience.


No barriers to use –it works on mobile, on the web… Without installing apps and with no need of user registration.


We comply with PCI-DSS security regulations for storing and tokenizing payment cards. No private data of your users is stored or processed.

Secure white-label payment form

We customize our secure payment form to fit your needs, placing the payment action seamlessly in your consumer journey.

No entry barriers, no need of login or downloading any software. Turn your mobile phone into a payment tool and build the perfect payment logic for your business.

Forget about modal windows from banks which haven’t adapted to new displays and improve your conversion rates.

Let the consumer feel confident and comfortable, and improve your brand language and gain engagement and recurrence.

Some of our clients

Payments your way

Our Rest API in a PCI-DSS environment allows the recovery, storage and tokenization of payment cards, complying with financial regulations

With a fast and light integration, without worries or large investments, you will be able to optimize what really matters: your payment experience.

Collection Services

Increase your conversion rates in debt collecting campaigns and any other type of non-present payments


Offer payment facilitation through SMS, WhatsApp messaging, QR codes on physical banners, et al.

Booking and accommodation

Comply with security requirements to store payment cards (PCI-DSS certification) for hotel bookings

Invoice payments

Add a QR code or a payment link to your receipt and invoices. Offer more payment options to your customers

Service payments

Get rid of all the payment hurdles at any kind of service providing: delivery, professional services, retail present payment, et al.

Recurring payments

Solving all suscriptions to frequent use services: gyms, sport clubs, education courses, activities hiring…

Payment services that change your business

Let us take care of your payments. Share your email with us and a person from our sales team will contact you.