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Welcome to your White-Label Wallet

Managing your payments just became a lot easier.


Implement your own white-label service to manage all payment operations in one place and increase the conversion rate of your customers by providing the ultimate payment experience. We offer different solutions adaptable to each business and independent of financial institutions, improving the connection between your brand and your customers.

Our White-Label Wallet service benefits both your company and your customers:

You get

  • An improved financial and payment management;
  • User identification;
  • Decreased rate of abandoned shopping carts;
  • Solutions adapted to your business;
  • Sales Channel increase without additional investment.

Your customers get

  • Linkage of all payment methods at one place;
  • A Personal Security Code in all operations;
  • A service that´s fast and easy to use;
  • An app to perform all physical and online payments;
  • Purchasing options no matter where the customer is.

New to the digital payment solutions?

Get in touch with us for additional information: