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multiple payment gatewaysDigital payments
May 15, 2022

7 Important Benefits of Multiple Payment Gateways (2022)

What are the biggest benefits of multiple payment gateways for businesses? Continue reading for more! As the front-end technology responsible for sending customer data to the merchant's bank account, payment gateways play a key role in completing a sale, and they are an absolute must for every business. Without them, a company wouldn't be able to accept payments and process…
credit card decline codesDigital payments
April 11, 2022

Most Common Credit Card Decline Codes: What Do They Mean?

Declined transactions are painfully common for both merchants and customers - they are as old as credit cards themselves, and businesses have been facing the consequences of declined credit cards since the 1920s.  According to a study conducted by Ethoca, over 1.9 billion card-not-present purchases are declined each year across the globe - a number that represents the mind-blowing $145…
types of chargebacksCyber Security
April 2, 2022

3 Common Types of Chargebacks & How to Deal With Them

What are the most common types of chargebacks, and what can merchants do in order to handle them safely? Continue reading to learn more! (more…)

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