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Online payments played a key role in the record-setting Black Friday sales this year. Now that things are going back to normal, let’s take a look at the aftermath of the early Christmas shopping right after Thanksgiving.

Black Friday this year was heaven on earth for brands and retailers. According to Forbes, shoppers spent the mind-blowing $1 million per minute during its peak, generating more than $5 billion revenue in online sales in a record amount of time.

Unsurprisingly, online payments were the superstars of this year’s shopping behavior. Considering the inconvenience of hunting discounts in stores stacked up to the ceiling with people, digital purchases were the logical choice for many consumers.

Here is the aftermath:

Online payments:

  • $1 million spent per minute during the most intense hours;
  • 2,800 orders per minute were made on e-commerce platforms;
  • $5 billion have been spent online right after Thanksgiving;
  • $3 billion spent on Thanksgiving day accounted for a 18.3% increase from the same time last year;
  • $20 billion will be spent during the Black Friday week according to Adobe;
  • $1 billion was generated online every day since 1st of November (this year Black Friday┬┤s marketing efforts started quite early;
  • $6.6 billion in sales are expected on Cyber Monday, which some believe will be the biggest online shopping day in history;
  • 15% rise in online spending and other non-store sales is estimated this year;

Mobile payments:

  • $1.4 billion in online revenue;
  • 61% of all the web traffic to retail sites on Thanksgiving;
  • 42% of sales came from mobile devices;
  • 48% more orders on smartphone.than last year;
  • 54.3% of page visits on Black Friday;

Overall consumer behavior:

  • Preliminary data indicates a 1.6% decline for in-store purchases on Thanksgiving, and 1% decline on Black Friday;
  • Mobile sales are starting to rise, having accounted for 42% of online sales, and more than 50% of web traffic;
  • Internet sales volume has grown by 24% in comparison to last year, which is a significant increase in online payments.
  • Generally, the shopping behavior statistics show that digital e-commerce and retail is the preferred alternative to in-store purchases, and mobile payments are on the rise.

Black Friday around the world:

  • UK – an estimated 8% drop in the number of shoppers visiting stores; however, overall spending is estimated to go up by 8% in comparison to last year.
  • Spain – according to Reuters, Black Friday is having a relatively low pick-up amongst Spanish people, with only 22% of them buying something; the average purchase was for 102 euros per person.
  • Germany – sales promotions on Black Friday and Cyber Monday generated an estimated $2 billion revenue;
  • France – about 8 million French people are expected to make purchases from Black Friday to Cyber Monday;
  • USA – on average, the North-American consumer spent $132 dollars per purchase, up by 3.2% from last year. More than 85% of the online stores offered free shipping.

Taking a look at the numbers, it is safe to conclude that online payments are stealing the show this year. With Black Friday being especially infamous for causing actual fights and other acts of violence over getting the last item on sale, it is not a surprise that people prefer to shop online without stress, and from the comfort of their own home.

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